Spy on a Samsung Cell Phone with MobileSpy App for Samsung

MobileSpy for Samsung cell phone spying
This Samsung phone spy software called MobileSpy, is made by the same company (Retina-X Studios) that makes SpouseSpy Samsung spy so the features are very similar. Four things that really set this mobile phone spy apart:
  1. MobileSpy's affiliation with the BBB with an A+ rating as displayed on their web site which is serious PROOF of this SAMSUNG SPY SOFTWARE BEING THE BEST.
  2. MobileSpy's support/help system includes a 1-800 toll Free number for all members - more proof they are a for real company.
  3. MobileSpy has been doing this since 1997 so they know what they are doing when it comes to spying on Samsung cell phones.
  4. They also have spy products for computers which means they have a solid business knowledge and technical understanding of the spy industry and how to do it.
Models of Samsung Mobile Phones MobileSpy Can Spy On
Samsung Ace, Samsung Beam, Samsung Behold 2, Samsung Bigfoot, Samsung BlackJack, Samsung Blackjack II, Samsung Code, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Epix, Samsung Jack, Samsung InstinctQ m900, Samsung Intercept, Samsung Moment, Samsung Omnia, Samsung SCH-i730, Samsung SHW-M100S, Samsung Spica, Samsung Transform, Samsung m100s, Samsung SCH-i760, Samsung SGH-i300, Samsung SGH-i320, Samsung i600, Samsung Innov8, Samsung SGH g810, Samsung SGH i400, Samsung SGH i450, Samsung SGH i520, Samsung SGH i550, Samsung SGH i560, Samsung SGH l870, Samsung i7110

Features of MobileSpy for Spying on Samsung Phones

View all phone calls, both incoming and outgoing, on the Samsung cell phone. You can see the time and length of each call, if the phone call was incoming or outing as well as phone numbers involved.

See all text messages sent and received by the target Samsung. Not only can you see the time each text message was sent and received but you can also see each and every text message exactly as it was sent and received.

The exact geographical location of the Samsung and its owner is updated every 30 minutes and shown on a map. You can follow the trail of exactly where your cheating spouse, kids, or employees go at all hours of the day and night. This feature is, without a doubt, one of  the most powerful Samsung spy features there is no matter what reason you are spying on or tracking the Samsung cell phone.

Full access to the Samsung mobile phones contact list which includes names, phone numbers, and email addresses associated with each and every contact.

View each and every website the Samsung phone you are spying on visits with the Samsung's built in web browser.

See all emails sent and received by Samsung spy phone. You can see the exact emails in their entirety word for word.

See every single picture and video that is captured by the Samsung mobile phone you are spying on.

Mobile Spy Technical Support and Help System
This is another area where MOBILESPY FOR SAMSUNG IS IMPRESSIVE. Like all the other cell phone spy apps Mobilespy has the traditional knowledge base comprised or most commonly, previously, asked questions and answers as well as submit a ticket which is basically the same thing as sending an email which they do answer in 24 hrs at most. Mobilespy ALSO HAS A TOLL FREE 1-800 NUMBER during normal business hours of Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. Since MobileSpy is an A+ rated Better Business Bureau member you know they are going to stand on their head to avoid ANY complaints.

Samsung Spy App MobileSpy's Satisfaction Guarantee
60 days guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason the product fails to work as promised or for some reason does not work on the model of phone you want to spy on your money is refunded in full and membership canceled.

Samsung Mobilespy Price
You can subscribe to 3 months of Samsung phones monitoring for $49 or a full year for $99. All major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex accepted as well as Paypal.

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